Feel t​he Flow

Acupressure and acupuncture styles have evolved over centuries, and are as diverse as the cultures who use oriental medicine to heal.  Applying a broad perspective, I see that everyone is as different as are the unlimited elements which make up illness.  Personalized to each client, no two sessions are identical.  Most sessions are at least an hour in length.

Trained in and around Berkeley, California, I have thirty years' experience using oriental medicine and bodywork of various modalities to facilitate self-healing within my clients and, also as my form of personal health care.

Additionally, I studied with Michael Harner of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies and produced and anchored radio programming at KPFA-FM Pacifica in Berkeley.

I hope you too, will find yourself gratefully pleased at how well bodywork heals.


Sacred Geometry of Breath

The sign of the treble clef serves as the icon for the human breath: the, beginning and the end.  The bottom of the staff is theoretically the diaphragm.  Upon inspiration, oxygen saturates upward from the diaghragm into the nasal cavity at the top of the staff.  Upon exhalation, oxygen crosses the throat, circulating out of the lungs.