What is body​​wo​rk?

Using the body as tool and range of motion while correcting muscle and tendon attachments, meridians of the body are aligned in order to better flow and provide circulation.  Implementing Hatha Yoga breathing to relieve pain, often clients feel lighter and better energized.

Acupuncture Meridians

Acupressure and acupuncture ​work through energetic meridian systems of the body known as "chi", to communicate with the nervous system throughout the entire body, regulating and harmonizing imbalances. Felt throughout, when receiving acupuncture, for instance, natural endorphins are shed from the entire brain, flooding the body with natural pain reliever.

Structural Integration​

Implementing techniques from studying oriental medicine and  Lauren Berry Bodywork, corrections are made to muscle and ligament attachments (insertion & origin) so that bones can find comfort in their natural positions.  Some individuals require follow-up for such ailments as sciatica and carpal tunnel, before noticing diminution or elimination of pain or discomfort.  

Range of Motion

The human body is created much like mechanical engineering:  fulcrums made up of levers, wedges, ropes and pulleys. Range of motion is utilized in all sessions to ensure release of

 adhesions (like spider webs in a house) between structures.  Quite often ROM is used to sinc-up brain with body movement previously weakened by injury or repetitive motion syndrome(s).